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Service is offered to each and every state of the USA exclusively from the state(s) we are hired from that have jurisdiction over the professional services performed.
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"Not just with the phone information, you really helped me out with this situation tremendously, right from the beginning and I'm truly grateful."  Mark P., Jefferson City, MO
"Your help was remarkable Jon, and I definately give it a 10, and yes, please use me anytime as a reference." Boyde W., Baton Rouge, LA
"In regard to phone records, I just thought that service was thorough, handled with not only care, but pursuit, precision, and in a most ethical and credible manner." Rodney P.
"You produced incredible information and I'm satisfied.  I just have to say, the end results were more than I thought that I would ever get and you gave me the truth I was looking for, and that's the best thing of it."  - John F.
Inv. Jon S. Chief Investigator & Director 
 Please review our many consented recorded Client Surveys that are done at the end of the assignment.  From many years of service, we proudly make them available for you to listen to. We also now have video testimony and will continue adding them too!
"How would you rate our overall performance on a scale of one to ten with ten being the best possible service?"  "A ten all the way"..."I'm grateful for your help and your understanding.  I have a lot of respect for you and what you do. I absolutely think it's terrific that you know what you're doing."  "And did we indeed learn of infidelity in this relationship?" "Yes we did." Erina H. 
"On a scale of 1 to 10, how would your rate our overall performance?" "An eleven definitely, but I'll stay with your scale, a 10."  You followed through with everything and you've been a total pleasure to work with. I've been totally pleased with the results I’ve gotten." - Rebekah N.
ALL clients also receive full FREE access to our personal online collection of the most authoritative and researched articles on infidelity and relationship problems.  They cover every concept imaginable for both genders, in any relationship. The Member's Site also provides our clients with very powerful relationship concepts and intuitive insights along with tips and strategies to reveal infidelity in several many ways, along with modern ways to keep relationships going forward strong and prosperously.  We are Expert Infidelity Investigators.
We also search RESTRICTED Databases for: Current Emails, Current Phone Numbers & Ownerships, Current Addresses, Social & Dating Sites,  Marriage, Hidden Assets, & Much More....
"I'd rate your services as an 11+"
More about Us:

Our clients are nationwide and even some from abroad.  We have even helped members of law enforcement, judges, doctors, attorneys and all sorts in between. We help both genders alike and statistically, their numbers seem very equal. We help our many clients cut through the mind-games, pure lies, and routine dishonesty that I've personally experienced in my own marriage many years ago (divorced because of it). I do not blame my ex-wife for infidelity because it was my foolish decision to marry someone a whole lot younger than me only because I was very anxious to start a family and have children of my own.  Well, I did get a wonderful child out of the deal however, I also learned how painful and difficult infidelity truly is especially, the routine dishonesty even after I've assured that I wouldn't get mad or upset and that we would work it out.

Our evidence provides full proof for our clients that their partners have had an affair, any sexual relationship, and full proof of what they have communicated from many months in the past to the present, whom the persons are, locations, and any additional background info on the male or female mistresses per our client's request.

We also help many of our clients verify whether or not their fiancés are worth marrying from our discoveries of untruthfulness and dishonesty from giving them the proof they need of cell phone and text message communications (again, especially of the deleted ones).

As your dedicated and 100% confidential licensed investigator, who will be the specialist and expert helping you get the proof you need, I also make it a point to learn relevant details of my client's relationship situation, where many have said I'm even much better than a psychologist or marriage counselor. From dealing with very difficult infidelity in my own past marriage, and learning from my very many clients throughout the years, you can truly count on my ability to be the perfect guide and solution towards alleviating your literally debilitating concerns and routine bouts of uncertainty when it comes to dealing with a partner that simply does not act in a consistent way that would allow my client to feel truly 100% sure and confident, that they are not being lied to, deceived, or left hanging on a thin line, and keeping my client riding a perpetual, stressful, and emotionally draining roller-coaster.  Our clients want to make very important decisions based on very important information we provide  them with.

Our policy to do better than expectations for our client all the way through from the beginning of the assignment and even well beyond, as a genuine friend, and to discuss anything that could make a great difference in the life of our client. VERY MANY of our clients are extraordinarily amazed at the very high level of care and appreciation we truly have for them, where many are still friends years later after hiring. Please take the time to not only read the many client testimonies here at the site, but also LISTEN to the recordings of the client surveys and watch the video testimonies that are made available for you to hear/see for yourself from the very many clients in support of our tremendous help and care, for them to achieve their goals over and beyond than ever expected.

This is the true standard of our services and each client is treated like the first and ONLY client, and just like a genuine family member.

Please feel welcome to call and speak with me now for a free consultation and quote – as I will be very glad to serve all of your investigative needs with the highest levels of integrity, respect, and expertise. 

With warm regards,
Inv. Jon Scott
​"Jon I found your essay to be excellent in the details. You fleshed out the issues and presented it in simple terms. A better job, could not have been asked for. Use me as a reference anytime." 

Richard Molezzo, Attorney at Law & Prior Professor of Law (printed with permission)
  • All Civil & Criminal Matters - Comprehensively
  • ​All Relationship, Infidelity, & Child Matters
  • ​Moving Surveillance in all Cases
  • Full Background & Pre-Employment Checks
  • ​Locating All People, Hidden Assets & Accounts
  • ​Find Witnesses & Obtain Statements for All Matters
  • ​Locate & Protect Runaway and/or Abused Children
  • ​Prove Abusive Relationships & Stalking
  • ​Crimes or Wrongs Done VIA Computers
  • ​Legally Recorded Conversations to obtain Evidence
  • ​Wire/Bug/Transmitter Sweeps (Locate all Devices)
  • ​DSS CPS Defense & Parental Rights Cases
  • ​GPS Tracking Devices (track vehicle over Internet)
  • ​Investigative Trial Preparation/Case Assistance
  • ​Homicide/Wrongful Death Investigations
  • ​Police or Governmental Abuse Investigations
  • ​Wrongful Account and/or Service Billings Fraud
  • Executive Protection & Event Protection Services​
  • ​Professional Research Assistance (any issue)
  • Forensic/Scientific Evidence/Experimentations
  • ​Psychological Profiling (All Cases - Civil & Criminal)
  • ​Executive/Events Protection - Armed & Unarmed
  • ​SEC (Securities/Investments) Investigations
  • ​FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Investigations
  • ​Electronic and Non-electronic Custom Safe Installations
  • ​Arson Investigations
  • White Collar Crimes, Business Frauds, Scams, Deceit, Manipulations
  • Undercover/Covert Operatives
  • ​Interviewing & Interrogations
  • ​Bribery, Threats, Coercions, Blackmails
  • ​Physical Injury Investigations
  • ​Locate/Investigate Lost or Stolen Property
  • ​Civil Rights/liberties Investigations
  • ​Counter-Intelligence Investigations
  • ​Malpractice Investigations
  • ​All Torts, Libels, & Slanders
  • ​Business Intelligence Acquiring
  • ​Investigative Document Examination
  • ​Criminal Defense Investigations
  • ​Re-enactment/Reconstruction of Events
  • ​Private & Confidential Message Delivery
  • ​Security Consulting: Home & Commercial
  • ​Governmental Contract Investigations
  • ​Demonstrative Evidence - Animations & Illustrations
  • Modern Lie Detector Testing
  • ​Recovery of Uncollected Court Judgments
  • ​Personal Witness of Important Matters
  • ​Forgery & Counterfeit Investigations
  • ​Lie-Detector Investigation
  • ​Installation of Hidden Cameras or Standard
  • ​Certified Auto Collision Investigation
We also have over 25 Years Exp. among the following areas of Investigative Services:
We help our clients whom have interest to obtain cell phone records, to get cell phone records, to buy cell phone records, to find cell phone records, to find a cell phone records investigator, to purchase cell phone records, to locate cell phone records, and to obtain text messages, deleted text messages, to find a text message investigator, to locate deleted text messages, to purchase text messages, and to buy text messages for the purpose of verifying infidelity in their relationships.

We are asked to verify cell phone history, how to get text messages from another phone, cell phone records, how to check cell phone text messages, to monitor cell phone text messages, cell phone call history, how to check someone's cell phone records, how to obtain cell phone records cell phone text message tracking, cell phone records by subpoena, how to get text message transcripts, to look up cell phone records, to do a cell phone history search, cell phone records for AT&T or cell phone records for ATT, cell phone records for Verizon, and cell phone records for Tmobile.  

When it comes to the phone companies, we also get asked to help with obtaining AT&T cell phone records, buying AT&T cell phone records, and purchasing AT&T cell phone records, and how to obtain AT&T cell phone records. The same request we get for AT&T text messages, how to obtain AT&T text messages, to buy AT&T text messages, and how to get someone else's AT&T text messages. Or how to get AT&T deleted text messages. The same requests we get for AT&T is how to obtain, buy, purchase, get, locate, and how to get someone else's AT&T text messages. Or how to get AT&T deleted text messages.

We also get asked to help with obtaining Verizon cell phone records, buying Verizon cell phone records, and purchasing Verizon cell phone records, and how to obtain Verizon cell phone records. The same request we get for Verizon text messages, how to obtain Verizon text messages, to buy Verizon text messages, and how to get someone else's Verizon text messages. Or how to get Verizon deleted text messages. The same requests we get for Verizon is how to obtain, buy, purchase, get, locate, and how to get someone else's Verizon text messages. Or how to get Verizon deleted text messages. 

We also get asked to help with obtaining Tmobile cell phone records, buying Tmobile cell phone records, and purchasing Tmobile cell phone records, and how to obtain Tmobile cell phone records. The same request we get for Tmobile text messages, how to obtain Tmobile text messages, to buy Tmobile text messages, and how to get someone else's Tmobile text messages. Or how to get Tmobile deleted text messages. The same requests we get for Tmobile is how to obtain, buy, purchase, get, locate, and how to get someone else's Tmobile text messages. Or how to get Tmobile deleted text messages.

When we are asked for this type of help, we are experts at legally verifying all sorts of communications using our proprietary investigative strategies, resources, and approaches that have gained full client satisfaction for very many years.

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Have an Uncollected Court Awarded Judgment? Let Us Collect It For No Upfront Cost to You.
  • We do not need the phone to get proof of text messages and proof cell phone calls (for most situations).
  • Get PROOF of actual contents of Text Messages, and Cell Phone Call Histories VIA our highly proprietary legal investigative strategies.
  • We end the mystery about what was actually texted - FAST!
About Us - an Introduction of our Professional Services 

Our company has been the leader in the nation for many years in legally providing our clients with the proof they need of all types of communications especially, those being made VIA cell phones calls, text messages, and emails. 

With over twenty-four years of experience beginning from actual academic studies and Science Degree in 1995 majoring in investigative studies, our clients can absolutely rest assured that they've arrived at the one and only resource that has served very many clients throughout the years with this area of investigation- bringing them the FACTS they need to receive true peace-of-mind, validation of the truth, and personal closure of the uncertain, for making the best decisions as to which direction to go from there in their relationships. Our proof of communications is also used for both civil litigation and/or criminal cases as needed (such as to prove someone was using a cell phone during an accident). Again, we Verify the actual CONTENTS of what was communicated, and have the very many years of experience, resources, and expertise to do so.
Attorney Richard Molezzo
"It's a wonder how open and supportive you are. Thank you so much for your understanding and support that goes beyond the expectation of professionalism."
Alison H., Toronto, Can.
"Jon, you've helped me find things out and I appreciate it." Helen A. G. 
"Throughout the assignment you've been very very helpful.. You've been very thorough, complete, and timely." - Walter H.
"I'm glad that this service was available, and I'm glad I did it." 
Dr. Stephen M. MD, Washington, D.C.
"I can now move forward. I really appreciate your help". Jasmine T.
#1 Source For Proving Relationship Infidelity (Cheating), Deleted Text Message (Contents)/Calls.
Evidence of All Major Carriers Calls & Texts
"Not just with the phone information, you really helped me out with this situation tremendously, right from the beginning and I'm truly grateful." Mark P., Jefferson City, MO
Locate vehicles nationwide 
using License Plate Recognition Data! Guaranteed Results.
Full Photos & Addresses!  
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TOP Source in the Nation.  Fully Verify CONTENTS of Cell Phone Records and Text Message Records #1 Private Investigation Group. 100% Proof.  Investigator State Licensed Since 1996
Directing Private Investigator - Licensed Since 1996
Please feel welcome to call 24/7 to request a Free Quote.  Your call will typically be answered during regular business hours. However, if away at the time of your call, please leave a voice mail with name, number, and best day and time to reach you.  You can also request for the agent to call you with a blocked/private call for confidentiality reasons (otherwise the call will be made normal without blocking ID). Please click on the audio player in our Testimonies section to not just read, but hear actual consented recorded client surveys of very many super satisfied clients whom received the actual proof of the communications (even deleted texts).  Advanced legal training, education, and decades of experience is what makes it possible for our clients to get the peace-of-mind and closure unsurpassed anywhere else, when is comes to obtaining 100% real info of calls and texting.  Call now to speak with Private Investigator Jon, as an Expert in getting proof of actual text messages and cell phone calls.  Expect someone who is always super caring in discussing the problems and issues you've been dealing with in your relationship, towards securing the best evidence possible (namely cell phone calls and text message evidence), as well as email communications, cell phone record evidence, social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, and ALL dating, and/or hookup sites.

We are highly proud to be number one in the nation with this request and have the TRUE Audio & Video Recorded Testimonies to show.
Your text message and phone specialist is a Fully Licensed IT Forensic Investigator, working Computer, Networks, Database, & Hacking Forensics Since 1996 (Look up "CEH") to see an example of our skillets - using outside-of-the-box methods!
Since 1996
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